Kaylani- Real Sex Doll for Men Customize Service

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Customize your own real sex doll
Kaylani, a pretty healthy Tan skin girl. Made by lifelike TPE material. She is very soft to touch and press.
She has good image to imitate human body anatomic structure. There are three penetration entries on her body like a real woman. You can enjoy oral, anal, vaginal sex freely. Moreover, the inner high-quality metal skeleton support the whole body greatly. You can also ajust more poses as you can.


Height Upper breast Lower breast Cup Size Waist Hip Oral Depth Anal Depth Vaginal Depth Weight
136cm 27.36in(69.5CM)  18.50in(47CM)   E 17.91in(45.5CM)  27.55in(70CM)  5.12in(13cm)  6.69in(17cm) 6.69in(17cm)  44.09lbs(20 KG) 
140cm  29.92in(76cm)  18.50in(47cm)   F 17.91in(45.5cm)  31.49in(80cm)  5.12in(13cm)  6.69in(17cm)  6.69in(17cm)  51.58lbs(23.4KG)
145cm  25.19in(64cm)  21.65in(55cm)   A 18.89in(48CM)  31.89in(81cm)  5.12in(13cm)  6.69in(17cm) 6.69in(17cm)  60.62lbs(27.5KG) 
153cm  31.88in(81CM)  23.62in(60CM)   E 21.45in(54.5CM)  32.28in(82CM)  5.12in(13cm)  6.69in(17cm) 6.69in(17cm) 65.25lbs(29.6KG) 
155cm  28.14in(71.5cm)  23.81in(60.5cm)   C  21.45in(54.5CM) 32.08in(81.5cm)  5.12in(13cm)    6.69in(17cm) 6.69in(17cm)  64.37lbs(29.2KG) 
156cm  30.71in(78cm)  22.64in(57.5cm)    E   20.47in(52cm) 33.86in(86cm)  5.12in(13cm)  7.48in(19cm) 7.87in(20cm)  81.57lbs(37KG) 
158cm  27.95in(71cm)  23.62in(60cm)   C 20.86in(53cm)  32.28in(82cm)  5.12in(13cm)   6.69in(17cm) 7.28in(18.5cm)  65.03lb(29.5KG) 
158cm  33.26in(84.5cm) 23.62in(60cm)   F 21.65in(55cm)  32.87in(83.5cm)  5.12in(13cm)   6.69in(17cm) 7.28in(18.5cm)   67.90lb(30.8KG) 
165cm  32.67in(83cm)  20.86in(53cm)   F 19.88in(50.5cm)  32.48in(82.5cm)  5.51in(13cm)  6.69in(17cm)  7.48in(19cm)  67.68lbs(30.7KG) 

Discreet Doll Package (blank carton without any mark) 

1* LOVE Doll
1* Wig
1* Clothes (Sexy Lingerie,Sent at random)
1* Cleaning Pot

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