Nowadays, the rise of artificial intelligence makes it possible to own an interactive partner. You may interrupt me because it is not a fresh news. Years ago, it came out a seris of robots. They could do some houseworks. Take it easy, man. Here I am not talking about robots. I mean sex doll robot. It is the most realistic sexual partner till now. They are made to satisfy human sexual desires and developed to the best life companion.

The sex doll technology has evolved tremendously through the years. Their skin and flesh are soft, it also can be warmed by a heating tube. The sex doll robot in your embrace is not cold metal any more. The newest sex doll robot has been programmed to express emotion, when they feel you are not gentle, they will ask for stop. The sex doll robots are so lifelike and beautiful. They are also applied as clothing models in the mall. All people are surprised and impressed on them. They are treated as real fashion models.

Some people denied all benefits of the sex doll brought to humans. They defined the real sex doll as creepy, abnormal, a kind of discrimination against women. While the ideas of sex doll is from a amazing myth, instead of a lewd event. A skilled sculptor carves her best work, a beautiful woman, he no doubt falls in love with this beautiful woman. And he prays she will be alive, and live happily in their life.

Right now, the sex doll can be bought in high-volume sex toys store. You can also get it online in case your neighbors know it.