Nowadays, when we talked about loneliness and anxiety, the psychologist would stand out and assert you might happen mental disorder. One of the psychosis. It is a objectionable saying. Seldom people would ask for help from the psychologist. And they also think it is unnecessary to treat it seriously. When you feel loneliness and anxiety alone, will you want a puppy or kitten adoption, or a real sex doll as companions?

The former two have live brain, when you love them truly, they will return more fun to you. But you need more patience to train them and take care of them all kinds of work. Another companion, the lifelike real sex doll, is a submissive object. She has no life and minds to wreak havoc. You don't need fix much mess behind.

Why would we add the real sex doll into the list? The loneliness and anxiety caused from the distrust of humans. People are afraid of loneliness, but they fear to be cheated more. The tension would enhance along times by. Then they have social problems as a result. And if it is lifeless real sex doll, they won't be scared about the humanity. And meanwhile, she is a representative of perfect mate. You will feel easy to live with her. When you feel calm and comfortable with a beautiful partner, you are basically giving up or releasing the heavy minds.

Don't leave yourself alone, the realistic sex doll can't wait to being your friend.