Human develops sex doll robot for life entertainment. We know that the technology make it possible to endow the sex doll ability interactive. Sex doll robot will learn and storage your interests, preference, habit. Then should we be worried about intimate information leaks? Will the sex doll robot be involved in moral issues?

More and more merchants devoted into studying and developping sex doll robot. They firmly believe it helps to provide companionship and sexual fun. Sex doll robots are becoming overwhelmingly popular. It will bridge between human and sex relationship soon or later. And then, having sex with robots won't become bizarre any more.

Imagine that, when you sex with robot, it will recognize, store and learn how to make you feel more comfortable. How to make sure these privacy secure. Will it might be monitor tool of another sexual crimer?

While parts of the issues seem overly alarmist, it is still not easy to verify in empirical studies.

Hypothetical hurts and fear from real sex doll robot required further advanced study.