It is our common sense that the women's sexual desire lower than men's, on average. Men's sexual needs cannot get satisfied in normal interaction. It is a watershed when women are in 33 years' old. Their sexual desires will go to slide. And for the male, they have the equal perplexing biological phenomenon. The men generally have high expectations of sex partner. As the sexual activity initiator, they feel depressed and frustrated when happened negative attitude. In natural sex, there are so many uncontrolled factors to let anticipators down.

Within the past two years, plenty of sex dolls pictures are pouring into the social net. It has brought another possibility for those painful men.
The lifelike sex dolls are made from the high simulation humanoid materials TPE( thermoplastic rubber) or silicone. The buyer can customize the sex doll on the basis of personal needs.

The lifelike sex doll sales flourished in the worldwide after getting seller's discreet delivery guarantee. The easy-take tiny sex doll is the favorite in particular. The trend would suggest that more and more people focus on free and safe sex.

There have been many dolls owner seem to have successfully demonstrated that many sexual positions of lifelike sex doll are achievable.

In terms of the future, what we talk the most is AI(artificial intelligence). With the development of virtual reality and High technology, interaction sex doll will come to common family and they will think and act like a real people.