For the latest two years, the business of the sex doll brothel was rising in the global. According to the statistics, the married men become the main consumers. Differ from the illegal prostitute, the sex doll brothel has got the allowance of the government and owned the business certificate. The men were involved in the mass of contradictions. They found that they got endless empty, and unfulfilling though they have stable relationships.

When the man was asked about his comments on paying for a sex doll, he said, "the sex doll is like an ideal partner option B. She is so pretty, it is enjoyable. It is a kind of beautiful fantasy. She likes me, she understands me, she won't leave me. I don't need to rack my brains making her satisfied."

He laughed out with shoulder shaking,"What if the law banning the sex doll got approval, I will lose too much pleasure" An upcoming new law will make it illegal for citizens to import and selling sex doll. The sex doll supporter protest it is unfair that stop the real sex doll deals. It is against human rights.

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