You have picked out what lifelike sex doll you want for several days, and finally you fullfilled the payment on USEXDOLL.COM. The parcel coverd your love sex doll has been shipped out right now. Before it arrives, just think about what you will do once you first meet your real sex doll.

1.Unpack The Lifelike Sex Doll
You can show your poker face when you take over the big box from the delivery courier. No one will know what is it in the box.Lock the door and draw the blinds.Pull off the tape on the box.Then you can take her out. Don't be a hothead when confront her. She would be a little weight,be careful to pick her up.
2. Touch The Lifelike Sex Doll
Silicone sex doll is enough durable that normal strength won't damage her.You would try to put your fingers on her face and pinch her cheeks and huge breasts.When you fold the palm in one hand,other hand can touch her back.She is so realistic as soft as a real man,right? You don't have to deny it.
3. Dress The Lifelike Sex Doll
You can find out a simple clothes in the box.Maybe you think the factory clothes doesn't fit her. It is not fashion,fails to cover her hot breasts. You must have a shopping plan for your lovely sex doll instantly.If you can not get the new one right now,try to dress her with the factory clothes.
4. Sex With Your Lovely Sex Doll
You cann't wait to have a fantasy sex with your lovely sex doll,we totally understand that.You know she is supported with metal skeleton, Each joints has limited moving range.Don't over bend or stretch the love sex doll with a super odd position.Given the love sex doll tolerance,you should take a soft bed or blanket and such sort of to prevent love sex doll from damaged and deformed.