Humanity is contributing too much to suppress prostitution. No matter legislation or social moral supervision, the harlotry is not declining but increasing. Just because of the huge demands, adult products suppliers pushed the lifelike sex doll out. And it arouses the global's attention. We can analyze what is the motivation to pay for a sex doll.

It was summarized as below:

Doll fetish
Be curious about the fresh product
Taboo break legally
In demand and feel safe
Enhance masculinity
Unaccepted sexual drives
No emotional load

Having sex with the love doll makes men feel more dominant. They can control the sex doll as they wish. It is like a kind of rewards game.

Another part of the group covers the disabled. They have the physical disability Whether by nature or by nurture. They feel insecure and poverty, then they won't get close to the natural woman. The sex doll will be helpful to overcome their limitations until they can get the normal relationship with other women.

To our surprise, some men would like to talk to the sex doll, even though they can not get any feedback. They enjoy the accompany of the sex doll. It seems that the sex doll is a indispensable partner.