Life size sex doll becomes so popular because it appears uncannily lifelike. You can imagine how high the craft process costs. Nowadays, many people especially young generation are attached to shop online. They are browsing the beautiful products photos, making the final decision for the cheaper one. They thought they have saved too much. While they found it was inferior sex doll when they opened the parcel. Then how do you verify if it is TPE or the fake one?

TPE sex doll is genuine, it has a certain weight, it owns wonderful lifelike flesh, and it is elastic. You can fiddle with its joint and bend its fingers and toes. And the inferior sex doll has rough work. It is totally different from TPE sex doll in appearance, craftwork, function.

TPE sex doll impresses you by the realistic images. It has the capability of preserving shape. You will think it is real human at first glance. While the inferior sex doll looks distortion and a lot of details are not worked well.

You can give it a pinch. TPE sex doll is soft and elastic. It feels real to touch. You can not stand to give it off. But the inferior sex doll feels hard, you might lose interests at the beginning.