Human believe technology-based innovation will convenient people to enjoy infinite pleasure and reduce unnecessary troubles. That is why insert-vagina was developed.

What is the insert-vagina like? it is a detachable vagina, the doll owners can insert or remove it easily. It benefits to clean vagina separately after using, rather than carry the entire life like sex doll just for cleaning vagina.

removable vagina

After inserting the vagina, it looks same as the molded type in appearance. The insert-vagina could be replaced anytime. If the vagina is damaged when you play inside, you can change it with a new one. There is no need to have complicated sex doll repairing techniques for the whole sexy sex doll.

insert vagina

Nowadays, there is transgender sex doll sold on the market to meet global demand. If you bought the insert vagina type sex doll, you are unnecessary to purchase a new transgender sex doll, just buy a penis attachment. Then you can mix and match genitals at the affordable price.

While some people confess that it cause foreign body sensation when playing inside.That is because the insert vagina cannot fit with the realistic vaginal canal seamless. It is undeniable the molded vagina will be felt more real in usage.