With economic development, people's standard of living rises accordingly, the adult industry is developing rapidly, special the sex dolls for people trend to growing demand. Some people focus on this business and open the sex doll brothel gradually in the worldwide. They offer the service of lifelike sex doll intercourse experience by the way of renting. It costs in general 80 Euro per hour. Because of the sex doll providing sex service is not natural human, it is allowed to legal operation.

Playing with the sex doll is a kind of totally different experience from with the sex toys before. TPE sex doll or silicone sex doll is not cheap. Many people keep hesitation before this invest. Sex doll brothel is a good option before buying. People can enjoy a trying service. If it is effective, you can work on with your private doll. On the contrary, you don't have to take the risk to break your pocket.

There is a matter of some dispute on whether the sex doll should be banned. The sex doll comes out in the public as the image of the nude female. It has the possibility to instigate the rape culture. As we know from this world, the society has not got preparation for the result from the sex doll robot brought. Whatever, if we are worried about the future excessively, how will we enjoy the current life.

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