Warm reminded: Far away from anything sharp when playing with TPE sex doll.

If you have the sex doll damaged with the sharp thing, such as the knife, scissors or your long fingernails, take it easy, you can follow the below instructions to fix it.

What you will use include: TPE adhesive, Toothpick, Clean lint-free cloth, kitchen paper


1 Put the sex doll flat;
2 Wipe off the dust and water stains around the scrapes and cuts using the clean lint-free cloth;
3 Put a kitchen paper over the damage cuts to prevent the adhesive splash in other places;
4 Claw the damage cuts, meanwhile, pick up a little adhesive using the toothpick;
5 Add the adhesive inside the damage cuts and pinch it as soon as possible;
6 In two minutes, it will be stuck.

Ps: Don't pour the adhesive inside the damage cuts, it will be caused deeply hurts. It will be burning by chemical action.