Scheduled on Sep.8th the sex doll brothel opened on North York Square stopped in the face of obstacles in the process.

The business owner claimed the sex doll brothel is a place to enjoy the sexual fun without any limitations. Whatever single or married, the love sex doll will provide ultimate sex experience. While it was suspended in the final step. There are several reasons should be analyzed.

Begin with the improper place selection. The business owner determined the business address on the North York Square. A busy residential street around four primary schools, where is not allowed to open the adult entertainment venues under the specified law.

Second, lack of the business permission certificate. Forced the pressure from the public, the local government has not issued the permission certificate for this kind of adult entertainment venues.

Third, no place for the business. After the news spread through the social media, it suffered bashing from local citizens. As a result, the property owner terminated their lease soon.

The business failed to proceed without the public support. Perhaps, it still has a long way to go for the sex doll purchase online. After all, the trade is discreet and not exposed in the public.