To attract the attention of a potential love interest, the women get plastic surgery, learn makeup and focus on the good-looking on face and body. They cost too much on beauty and fitness. How about those lazy girls? We know people would like to share their selfies on the SNS. The girls won't post their selfies until they are sure it has been edited to be perfect. They enlarge the eyes, make the skin more white, lengthen the leg and narrow the face.

"The natural beauties won't go out with us, meanwhile we don't like to date you"The men exclaim when they find out those fake faces.

But if you display a life-size sex doll in the store, many people will pay for it without hesitation. You can see the pomp scene in the physical stores. Many people are the active buyers. But there is a shipping problem to be solved. It is a really big carton. So many people turn to shop online. They can get it at home. Under the promise of discreet shipping, they can avoid any awkwardness. They are no longer afraid to get unfriendly eyesights.