Sophia, a robot equipped with artificial intelligence, a delicate looking woman with doe-brown eyes and long fluttery eyelashes become a full citizen of Saudi Arabia in Oct.2017.Sophia recognizes facial expressions and understands human speech through eye contact.After deep learning and development, Sophia has been created to be the most human-like robot.She has the variety of expression of response humans.Even though her excellent humor sense and speak patterns come from program edit.Realistic robots appeal to people within both scientifically and artistically.And with the science and technology advance development, cognizance of the robot will be capable of developing one day.Then, the robot will have self-awareness or a will of their own and responsible for their actions.

Why is the human-robot so popular?

Science is contributing to creat beauties.Except for customizing, each face and figure shape are made by public aesthetic. High cheekbones, porcelain skin, aquiline nose, eyes deep as the sea, blobber-lipped things like that will be accepted in the public sphere.

What was human-robot used for?

  • Robots can assist people in the high-risk industry.
  • Many robots are devoted to the workshop for better production efficiency and saving more labor costs.
  • Some robots are designed to help with house working.
  • They are also helpful with autism spectrum, disabilities or elderly people.
  • The lonely person also asked sex doll robots for good accompany.