What news did you catch when you thought of the realistic sex doll? Sex doll brothel, sex doll rental, child sex doll, sex doll factory etc. All of these was hitting the headlines 2018.

The eye-catching sex doll is surely amazing. Owning a sex doll is not easy. Many people get the wrong impression. They consider it as vulgar. There are too much rumors and curses flouring on the social forums. Some of them won't take the plunge and get one against the unfriendly sights and harsh judgements.

While a sex doll enthusiast states that the lifelike sex doll is a very important but special family member since she came home first time. If owning a sex doll is hobbies, you don't need to care too much. The real sex doll is regarded as the most expensive sex toys because of the high price. But when meet and feel the doll first time, they found all of things is worthy.

Many people are also worried about the legality of the sex doll. It stays in a kind of gray area. In a legal sense, the real sex doll has nothing to do with a real human. But morally speaking, the traditional minds won't allow us to accept the secret intimate sex intercourse with a unconscious human like doll.

What do you think of the prospect of the real sex doll? You are welcome to leave your comments.