In the late night radio play, there got a call from a mid-year man. He told the announcer that he hopes to get enjoyable sex, it is not necessary but really helpful. Without a satisfactory sexual life, he can not focus on the work well. He becomes more emotional. Negative feeling such as narrow, sorrow, upset would be caused accordingly. The sex doll is not I want, but I need it. It is not the range of the ability of a real woman. The psychiatrist certified him as sex addiction.

The man desperately needs to get released from this nervous needs. He ever forced himself to stop using sex doll. "You can not understands how terrible it would be when losing the balance."

Finally, he endured judgment from friends and accept the sex doll was his indispensable partner. Be honestly, there is no any conflict to others when he would like to have sex with the love doll. If it is important for you, admit it.