Humans are fast catching on to the sex doll craze.Although they come with a pretty high price,sex doll demand is booming.In the next few years,sex dolls or sex bots, may be as common as a vibrator in the bedside drawer.They look like a real beautiful woman,never age.These dolls will change the way we interact with others.
Why would love sex dolls be the trend in which people prefer sex with dolls over humans?
As a result of this lack of open and honest discussion around intimacy, relationships and sex in the real world, we tend to opt for any easier way to get our needs met.The advantages of sex dolls outweigh the disadvantages in certain sectors of the population.For men who are disabled, for instance, it’s a way for them to have a sex life, or for men who are more socially withdrawn and lacking in confidence – they seem to be the ones who are most drawn to sex dolls.
Besides,owners of the dolls can treat them any way they want to.There will be no consequences for the owner who abuses or degrades the sex bots.
While still flooded in controversy,Some express concern that apart from causing people to end up with debt, it could cause friction in relationships.However, another part conclude that the impact can also be positive, allowing people to enjoy more sexual pleasure and enjoy new experiences.
Social people generally hold bias and ostracizing attitude towards the new.Actually,lifelike sex doll like everything else is one extension of conversation that broadens our understanding of human sexuality and relationship response.