The realistic sex doll was ever marked as corrupt public morals in Korea. Any dolls related were forbidden to enter the Korea market.

While nowadays, it reported a local company is working on the making and selling sex doll. To make public surprising, checked the Korea law, nothing can stop and regulate their business.

And this company began to promote their business in Naver from March this year, the most popular social community online.

Till now, the Naver adult thread brought a remarkable registered quantity even though it has the strict verified steps. Over 10 million Naver cafes contributed to the sales of the sex doll.

On the Naver cafes, some sex doll buyers left some reviews and feedbacks. They confessed the sex doll is no different than a human on the body molding. They all meet the public aesthetic standard. Very beautiful work.

But the adult rules are found a big loophole. The under 18 years young people can buy a real sex doll without any difficulties once they input the adult's date of birth and using that adult's handphone.

What is more important is that it was not legally required to ban or publish the company who is working on making and sell sex doll in Korea.