For many of us who are married, it can get a bit boring to having the same life all day long. While we couples have made some advance the life condition over the years, it's still the same as everyone else's. I like to make some new things, weird but special items I use often, and my sex life is no exception.
I got a covert carton on the top of the wardrobe, all of the sex toys in it. It was obviously not enough now. But it was time to finally make the cut.I was going to drop much money for a big doll from this month expenses. Yes, it was a sex doll, it was 158cm height, I thought I have to think out a better position to store it in case of my children found it.
You might ask if my wife was annoyed with me about this mistress. No, she showed more excited about the new partner. Even more, she bought her a variety of sexy lingerie and wigs. We would talk about what dresses fit her each time.One of the great things about sex doll is that we couples got closer to the mutual hobby.We spoke more, laughed more. Occasional we made the minor compromise and got more understands.
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