Except for the hot weather, this summer seems perfect. I suspect to be melt under the fiery sun. All my friends refused to go out for gatherings. Then it is the right time to order a sex doll to get through the hard times, I thought.

I was thrilled to receive the sex doll. "Hello, your big parcel has been left at your front yard". Thank god, the courier has gone finally. I opened the door and dragged the super heavy package into the house. There was kind of strange feeling. It was not like the blow-up sex doll I bought before. It is too real, I could feel it shaking when I slapped its face slightly.

It might be a little obscene, but I really checked the penetration entries. It was set oral, anal, vaginal entries. That is incredible. It is totally created as a real woman. Its beautiful young face was also impressive. The sexy body was unforgettable. I never suppose I can play with such a charming lady. But yes, it is sitting on my couch right now.

I believe it will bring many joys into this summer or more days later. Before that, I will learn how to dress her.