After checked with the vendor over times, I finally finish payment of the sex doll online. I think it should be discreet. Thanks for the good communication. What I only need to need is waiting for the parcel.
Four days later, I found it was left at the front door. That I never saw and received such big case before. It is heavy, in fact. I was feeling burned out after drag this big thing into my room. Unpacked the case, I found the sex doll was nude and seperated head from the body. That is weird, like a corpse. I also found the wig and outfit and other appliance. Make sure it is right on all features, I was going to wash and sterilize her. As I couldn't stand the smell of industrial detergent.

Then I dressed her the navy suits, which provided by the vendor. I was thinking to buy more outfits for her. Overall, things would be perfect. I carried her to the bed, the touch of the sex doll's cold and soft body drove me be unable to bear or endure mind ripples. I made her one leg bent and leaned back against the headboard.

She is not a human. Yes, I know that clearly in mind. She is lifelike sex doll. Real enough to make human misunderstands. I grabed her hands, soft and little warm, that would due to the warm bath. I thought. The lightly contacts pleased my minds. The sex doll looks sweet and kind, there is never a face such exquisite I've seen. I felt I was going to fall in love with her.