In Thursday afternoon (Sep.27th.), It was found that a body in the garbage bag near the hillside in the Ohio Richardson forest Preserve. And the police quick announced it was a life-size female sex doll. It sounds just like a false alarm.

But you can search and find similar odd events happened not a few.

mini sex dollNot long ago, in the northern Austrian state of Upper Austra, a suspicious body was reported to floating in the water. The witness called the police. When the rescue vehicle stands by, and the police steered the boat toward the body, it turns out to be a blow-up sex doll. Finally, it was picked up from the water.

The same event happened in Cornwall, the officers received a call for help from a fisherman. He told the police there was a floating corpse in the sea near Newquay. Fortunately, they found it was a real doll at last.

155cm real dollIn July 2016, it happened in Amsterdam, the neighbor saw a woman in lingerie standing next to the window a long time. He was worried and felt strange that no one answer the door knocking. Then he called the police. While the police rushed in to see she is a beautiful woman, which is made from TPE or silicone.