Real sex doll hasn't been particularly well publicized. Many people don't want to acknowledge that they buy and have sex doll. For fear that the public will judge them weird or even hentai. But man want it though they have to keep it in the dark.

The men taking the real sex doll as their sexual partner are getting involved in a open, positive, unrestrictive and guilt-free

The real sex doll is made so real and attractive. It creates a safe enviroment to legally entitles sexual fun or achieve sexual preferences and fantasis.

Most men has the fantasies of domination. The submissive sex doll surrenders to the men. And the men feel a sense of superiority. Most users are trying to transfer the virtual sex to real fun. Reality and vitual go hand in hand. The men are the boss in the bedroom by a right steerable way.

Is there emotion projection to the real sex doll? Exactly. At one level, most people has passionate attachment, for instance, a pillow from Grandma, old music box, 'Star Wars' figures etc. In some cases, it is not surprisingly that endor some real emotions on the real sex doll in intimate relationship.