Well, on the end day of the first week 2019, I am writing this post and hope you can see it.

In 2018, it brought us too much surprise including in the bedroom. Some people think it is caused due to the advanced technology. What changes did it go to enhance our relationship?

Open and multiple choices. The relationship is no longer evaluated in heterosexual and homosexual, people found a more easy life to live with a lifelike sex doll or more than.

It might be effected from the movie fifty shades of grey. More and more people accept the novelty and have more thoughts on sexual entertainments. An satistying relationship will be the mainstream.

As the latest survey data online, the growing advocates for realistic sex doll were coming into the public view. And the word sex doll rapidly becomes the main searching criteria in Sex industry. Intimate or luxury gifts to your best guys, choose the real sex doll. It will be popular at last.

We are also looking forward the sex doll robot moves with leaps in 2019. Any way, that will be awsome to get an interesting interactive sex talk.