There is a special couple become well-know at John & Tony's in West Chicago. 54 year old John and his girl Jackie, a long hair beauty in a wheelchair. Many people go to John & Tony's with curious of the romantic relationship of John and Jackie. Why? Jackie is a realistic sex doll.

Jackie is not like a ordinary girl. She can not react to the surroundings. She can not walk by herself, so she is in the wheelchair anytime. She can not talk, but you believe she can listen all your words without interrupts.

John would like to take his beloved girl out for a romantic date. They are gazing each other and smile once John feels he is so happy. John is also glad to talk to Jackie, even though Jackie is always listening John talking. Perhaps the passerby think it is weird conversation.

Seeing from the romantic relationship of John and Jackie, we learn about the people who choose to live with a sex doll are not in the minority. Some people use sex dolls for arts and friendship, they keep a non-sexual relationship.

For those peoplee who lost their loves and can not go out for a new life, the realistic sex doll will be a perfect way without any doubt.