The rapid development of sex doll industry has caused widespread attention in the world. More and more people are attracted to this new amazing product. But its high price blocks large crowds. So some business man thought if it was applicable to absorb more consumers to rent the real sex doll at lower prices than selling. What a great idea. And now the sex doll rental business has activities in more than 8 countries. People saw it as a commercial coup for fast-growing niche market. They were devoted to share the big cake of the sex doll rental business.

sex-doll-rental-business-usexdoll.comIf you are one of them, go advanced the following post.

Sex doll rental business is achieved in two business models.
One is online business. Consumers browse the business sites and pick up their prefered sex doll in advance. After getting the rental order, the staff will responsible to send it to a specified address, residence or hotel. What you need for the business is a complete deal site, 3-5 pcs sex doll, one or two safe cleaning equipment, and the most important is a general business licence. The advantages of this business model is considered on the nature of secrecy. But you need more costs on online promotion and door to door manual logistics.

Another is sex doll hypostatic inn. There is a limit issue to the siting of sex doll brothel. As a sensitive product, the sex doll brothel won't be allowed to be opened in downtown and school district. What you need for the storefront is a commercial development permit, 3-5 pcs sex doll, one or two safe cleaning equipment. What's more, as a storefront, it will comply to the policy of fire, safety, and health.

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