Hellen 158cm 5.18ft Silicone Sex Angel Doll with Metal Skeleton Natural Skin 3 Entries Lifelike Sex Toy

You must have a life like sex doll in front of you,I hope it was from USEXDOLL,but whatever,it doesn’t affect what I will say later.
Tear the parcel open,you will find each part of body unassembled and a set of simple cloth.I believe you can not wait to see the whole body,so you get the body up,spell well.

Heidi 158cm 5.18ft Silicone Sex Angel Doll with Metal Skeleton Natural Skin 3 Entries Lifelike Sex Toy
I feel I can see how excited you are.Take easy,there are so many things for your new girl.
I have mentioned in last post(Something You Should Think About before Buying a Life Like Sex Doll),you can get lots of pleasure from looking after the dolls,dressing them,putting on their make-up and interacting with them.Thus,if you want real feeling,treat your sex doll as a real girl for a long term relationship.

163cm Big Boobs Sex TPE Doll Entity Body 3 useable entrance lifelike Adult Toy
You don’t want to see your girl in original cloth always,unless you have an aesthetic defect.Then you should buy some great-fitting clothes and lingerie for her.From picking up clothes till payment,then dress her.This series of action you are in can do wonders for you.Enjoy yourself.
Generally,I don’t wanna recommend makeup your girl.Clean face and brushed blond hair are enough for me to indulge her more and more. But if you want to make her more charming,you can use water-soluble make up for her.It will bring you much fun in this process.
Heat up the Sex Doll
You may know a sex doll can not retain body temperaturelike humans.You have to assist her if you don’t want to make sex with a cold body.If you have extra budget,you can buy a electric blanket.Or you can also use a hot bath to do that.Then the sex doll can keep heat for a while.
Foreplay and Lube
Actually,Physical contact will transfer your body heat to your girl’s.Touch her,kiss her etc.
Good foreplay offers sensual pleasure and a feeling of intimacy. Then if you want to have an amazing sexual experience with the doll,coated with lube,it can protect you from chafing and pain.

5.18ft Daisy Silicone Sex Angel Doll with Metal Skeleton Lifelike Sex Real Solid Love Toy
Now,all things seems to be finished.Go buried with her and take her to heaven as you wish.