We know the life like sex doll is not for general consumers. Some silicone sex dolls even rate over 10 thousand.Many people uphold the truth”No good cheap goods”. Cheap sex dolls must be disposable.While it is absolutely incorrect.

First, we have to make it clear what controls the price of the sex doll.
a. Materials: TPE sex doll is much cheaper than silicone one.
The popular realistic sex doll on the market is generally made from TPE or silicone.These two materials both can make the sex doll skin like the real human. You can not distinguish the difference between TPE or Silicone in the sex doll appearance. While TPE sex doll is much softer than most of the silicone ones.If you prefer the shaking feel, you can buy a TPE sex doll. But there is a bit disadvantaged. Because of the material properties, TPE skin is hard to repair cracks if damaged. And silicone sex doll could be repaired by most silicone stick.

b. Height: Short sex doll is much cheaper than the higher one.
Shorter body means the fewer materials used in molding.There is a big difference in price of 100cm sex doll and 170cm sex doll.

c. Figure Size: A flat sex doll is much cheaper than plump one.
Most men are so fond of beauties with big boobs, long legs and a firm butt. They particularly like to grope breast and grab bum in sexual play.

d. Heads design: The various heads type require different craftworks.Each head has unequal costs. Its’ popularity justified its considerable cost.

e. Promotion activities: Except promotions business launched on a regular basis, vendors also hold the clearance sale to get a perfect turnover. Keep attention, you might achieve the big deal.

In all, if you take the time to make a smaller research on the web, you can get your sexy sex doll at a quite low cost.