The increasing governments are involved in the research and development of artificial intelligence. Humans are stepping into an era of intelligence. It has been discovered to get outstanding advances from AI in China and Russian. Noone can stop the sci-tech development.

If you said the lifelike sex doll is so attractive but no soul regrettably. Then the AI technology revitalizes the sex doll. They make it possible to have a man-machine intercourse. Though the technology needs further improvement at present, it leaves an impressive image of the era of man-machine. In the future decades, the sex doll robot will be commonplace.

Recently, several leading sex doll corporations has rolled out AI sex doll consecutively. They can support the short conversation. Meanwhile, they are set to have subjective awareness. Once they feel not in good mood, they will turn off the emotion terminal. It is just like a woman in a cold war period.

The fast-evolving technology of AI benefits most people. The current human has the strong celibacy mind. A lot of people would like to live alone. If the sex doll robots come to the ordinary people, it will affect the natural human birth rate.