Out of curiosity, or automatic habit, we focus on the expression from people when they see and talk about something unknown. The real sex doll is one of our tracking topics. And we found that many people shun and refuse to envisage the reality that the sex doll is a part of the development of human civilization.

realistic sex dollWhen the real sex doll foments unrest in the social media, most people judged the sex doll by the cruel comments. That is called a stress reaction in psychol. They are talking about the possibility that love doll will replace humans in decades years. It seems that everyone is an expert or professor of the anthropology. They keep the opinion as if they are in the side of the reason and justice, victory and control.

sex doll"What the lonely guys look for is a real intimate and interactive feel. No matter how real the sex doll is, it is fake. " Well, what are you encouraging? Prostitution or rape? For those men who don’t have a steady girl, they are trying to find out the solution to enjoy the sex life without offending other people.

It should be a legal way to balance the individual needs and social needs by using the sex doll.