I was a nerd and looked like some kind of weird simpleton at school, I didn't date anyone before leaving the university to go out into the world. I had few friends due to lack of social interaction.I had few friends due to lack of social interaction.I knew masturbation, but I'd always struggled with the handjob. This is a bit weird. I didn't even really enjoy masturbating with hand, it always felt a bit unnatural, I thought there was no choice.The breakthrough happened when I met my new neighbor, a man looked smart. He told me he has a lot of amazing collection at home. One day, I accepted his invitation to have dinner at his home. I happened to find there is a big box near the wardrobe. My neighbor seemed I was interested in that. After having dinner, he shows me his secret room that exclusively featured a naked woman, a doll actually. I don't think she was a sex doll because all the features displayed was the same as the real woman I saw in daily life. But anyway, my neighbor was excited to talk about his lovely girl and finally I was like, I need to buy one.

life like sex dollMy neighbor recommended a reliable sex doll vendor. The life size sex doll I finally bought came with inbuilt masturbators and vibrators in its mouth, anus, and vagina.Thanks it did not get me waiting too long time.
The dolls breasts were lifelike and real, and she was ultra flexible too. When I used her for the first hump, it lasted for more than an hour and the earth shaking orgasm I achieved, made me want to jump into round two in no time. This was an investment I didn’t regret, and the best part is, I heard no nagging and tantrums for the position I wanted to use the doll in. Her skin features made of the best materials were soft and warm to touch and feel. It was worthy of such amount, you can count how much it helps you save.You wouldn’t have to go down to bars and pubs or wait endlessly online to hook up a chick for a night. And moreover, you don’t have to spend money on your dates or escorts, sometimes making your credit cards exhausted off their limits. The one-off investment is worth every penny you put into it. And the sexy sex doll would then be your slave, bowing down to every request you may have. She would never tire of the activities you want to perform with her, and even after the first round, she would be ready with her legs spread apart.
Life like sex doll has been an important part of my life.It gives me the best experiences ever.