If you are thinking about to buy a sex doll, but you have no idea how to choose the right one. I think this post will help you to learn much about it.

Influenced by the social problem, more and more people have the living abilities to take care of themselves. Many of them choose to be celibatarian. But they also have to solve physical wants and desires. Then the real sex doll become well-known and popular. While it costs too much for quite a few groups. With the discovery of TPE material, which is on a par with the silicone but the cost much lower. And the price of real sex doll dropping accordingly. Nowadays, you can take a real sex doll home for as little as $1000.

Some person must have inquires why the tpe and silicone sex doll differ in price. Are silicone dolls better than TPE sex doll?

Not exactly. Before the TPE material comes out, the premium real sex doll was crafted using only silicone. Which was a kind of rare resource when there is a bulging demand. And now, you can also find the silicone sex doll rates not such high as before.

Whatever silicone sex doll or TPE sex doll, that will be awsome if you get a sex doll that meet your favorite features and proportions.