Nowadays, sex dolls have made a deep impact on the lives of people around the globe. people have accepted them and using them widely. This sounds pretty strange but the fact is that people are of the opinion that love sex dolls are user-friendly.
For the simulation skin of the lifelike sex doll, manufactures developed silicone or TPE as the materials which both offer super realistic and natural touch.

There is often some controversy over the issue which one is better in lifelike sex doll industry forum.Senior doll owners would like to expound their views to the public.They each sticks to the arguments.

TPE is a mixture of polymers mainly that of plastic and rubber which consists of materials which have both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. TPEs exhibit elasticity similar to that of a cross-linked rubber. Their softness or hardness value is measured on the Shore durometer scale.TPE makes it an economical option possessing features like flexibility, shock absorption, molding ability, soft body texture, etc.

Silicone rubber is an extraordinary material.It is good at durability, cleanability, non-degradation by petroleum-based lubricants.
The results show that TPE sex doll and Silicone sex doll have its own advantages respectively,Choose which one is up to you. Thinking about your budget and desires,you will know which one is your ideal mate.