1. How is the sex doll made? Steam games are getting more and more strange.

    “Do you want to be a sex shop owner?”, the actual operation may be different from what you imagined. Maybe you have played an lifelike sex doll or have seen an realistic sex doll, but you should have never done an sex doll! Recently, Steam has launched a novel simulation game called “Plastic Love”, in which players will play an sex doll dealer to experience the difficulty of this professional fun.

    Slow down, don’t think about it, it’s not that easy to be a sex doll operator. Although the player can face a group of sexy and beautiful love dolls all day, the game content is to design and manufacture the dolls, or to repair the damaged dolls sent by the customer service. As for how bad the customized sex doll is… The player’s own brain is filled!

    “Plastic Love” players will play the role of a store manager who simulates a fun doll shop, tailoring a variety of fun dolls for them according to the customer’s order, or repairing damaged dolls, upgrading dolls, etc. . Run your own sex shop and build your love doll kingdom.

    Compared to the fun doll factory, the game feels more like a human body construction factory.

    (For example, make a good tooth)

    (choose the color of the pupil) 

    (make a nail, be a delicate sex doll girl)

    (to shape the kind of collar bone that the customer likes, lightly code,Change the clothes etc.)
    The game is expected to be released in 2019, the price is not fixed, the release date is not fixed. Want to customize your fantasy doll? You can click usexdoll's customized sex doll service.
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  2. A Child-like Sex Robot Scared BBC Reporter

    This reaction does not seem to be logical but logical. The host of the British BBC is to understand the industry information of the future sex doll documentary. This is the sex robot documentary that the BBC is preparing to shoot. Going deep into a large Japanese sex toy robot factory to understand the situation, and the fact is that he has experienced unprecedented shock and sadness.

    sex toy

    The simulation dolls produced in the doll factory he visited even included mini sex dolls with childlike qualities. Where he was shocked by the subtlety of some surreal dolls. He asked the manufacturer what the doll was. In response, the factory owner said: I have to let the customer think about the actual age setting, but these exquisite sizes and features also leave a rich imagination for the customer. Of course, he obviously knows what this means.   

            100cm sex doll                  

    Obviously for him, this encounter was terrible. He was frightened, tearful, and wanted to escape quickly. Selling child sex dolls in Japan is legally permissible, but people have to admit that there are many different ways to look at it, this is good. We know very well that we are so shocked when we face child sex dolls. Although it is the face of a doll without feelings, it can hijack the brain full of fallen thoughts.

    We need to understand why it is so shocking when it comes to child sex dolls. Is it in the face of indifference when young girls are forced to have sex with dirty adult men, or strange plastic stimulation, or trafficking girls? Inability to take any action is incompetent.

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  3. A married man living with a sex robot

    They will go out for dinner appointments and may go out four times a week. Surprisingly, this is accepted by his wife.

    When a married man lives with a real woman, why does he want to buy a sex doll or an artificial intelligence interactive doll, which is a hobby that requires both money and a manager. Is it because the man’s wife is no longer willing to have sex with him? Just because they need to meet the need for love and sex? The husband with the doll said that the sex of the sex doll is only a small part of the demand, in the long run, you can get more fun by caring for them, dressing them, makeup and interacting.

    They generally have deep feelings for realistic sex dolls, and even said that if they can return to the marriage before they start, they would rather buy a sex doll or robot from the beginning, thus avoiding the whole asexual marriage.

    Do the doll lovers mind that friends and relatives know their hobbies? Although there are many people who love it on the Internet, people in this circle who don't know about it will still not understand it. I can't explain them one by one, and I don't want to change them. This hobby is fully integrated into life.

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  4. The Man Sued The Comptroller of Customs over the seizure of a sex doll

    At the end of last year, an anonymous man from Chaguanas imported a realistic sex doll overseas. Later, he was notified the item (sex doll) was indecent/obscene article because of the lifelike genitalia, which violated section 45 (l) of the Cus­toms Act Chapter 78:01. The sex doll would be seized. Then the man applied for judicial review against the seizure of sex doll. And he got approval right now.

    153cm TPE Sex Doll with Metal Skeleton Lifelike Sex Toy for ManThe law, Chapter 78:01, Section 45 (l) of the Customs Act, state, however, among other things, it is prohibited to import “indecent or obscene prints, paintings and photographs, books cards, lithographic and other engravings, gramophone records or any other indecent or obscene articles or matter.

    lifelike_sex_doll_usexdollIn his lawsuit, he presented the saying from customs that any item resembling male or female genitalia would be prohibited as it would be considered indecent and/ or obscene could not be established. There were no legal basis to support their saying. It was illegal that seizing his sex doll. Hence, the customs should return his item and pay compensation.

    The case has already been brought for case man­age­ment next month.

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  5. USEXDOLL--Sex Doll Factory Outlet

    158cm Big Boobs Sex Love Doll

    USEXDOLL,as a traditional sex doll manufactory without extensive well-designed advertising,probably not such well known in worldwide even though it has been in sex doll industry for over 10 years.
    Experienced craftsmen in Usex doll are strict to the most with every work they have done and pursue the highest quality.USEXDOLL is looking for achieving our customers highest satistaction. After all,a sex doll will accompany the owner for a few years or more.

                                            153cm May Silicone Sex Angel Doll with Metal Skeleton 3 Entries Lifelike Sex Toy   140 CM 4.59ft June Silicone Love Doll with Metal Skeleton 3 Entries Natural Skin Sex Doll

    Speaking of the sex doll, if no special demand,USEXDOLL generally produces its body parts in TPE,that can be stretched up to 5.5 times length and skin touch is very soft,almost real.This materials utilized are harmless and tested in compliance with health regulations.The body joints are made of artificial multiplex metal,which approaching the true movement in simulation of skeleton.

                                                                                                                                      140 CM 4.59ft lifesize Silicone Love Doll with Metal Skeleton 3 Entries Brown Sex Doll

    For now,USEXDOLL has offered over hundred models,which classic ones still in heavy demand in world market.And the number of sex dolls model is going up to adapt continuously to cater for new emerging requirement arising from market.
    With the rapid development of e-commerrce,the world market’s powerful attraction is such exciting for USEXDOLL as well.Meanwhile,USEXDOLL understood that consumers are anxious to see the sexy sex doll after payment.Then USEXDOLL adjusted market strategy,added the WMS(Warehouse Management system) in US,UK,Australia.As a result,consumers will get the sex doll from the nearst warehouse soonest.

                                                                                 140 CM Same 4.59ft Silicone Love Doll with Metal Skeleton 3 Entries Natural Skin Sex Doll

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