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  1. How to Reduce the Aging of TPE Dolls

    Many doll lovers who care about the aging and lifespan of TPE sex doll should have doubts. Is it equal to aging when oil is produced? Can powdering reduce oil production? And cleaning can reduce oil production? Many people feel it sticky after washing. Does washing accelerating the decress of oil? Whether bathe the doll will reduce the life of dolls......

    The oil is mainly related to the ambient temperature and the material formulation. The reason why the silica gel and tpe are soft is that the oil is encapsulated in the molecule. After the oil penetrates, the material becomes hard and dry and is easily cracked (aging). Powdering can improve the hand feeling, but Can not stop the oil,you can bath the sex doll, but no hot water.

    The external or environmental factors are mainly sunlight, oxygen, ozone, heat, water, mechanical stress, high-energy radiation, electricity, industrial gases (such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide) and other factors, if the TPE products are exposed to long-term radiation, ozone, ultraviolet light, etc. As a result, aging may occur, causing the TPE material to quickly lose its performance.

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  2. A married man living with a sex robot

    They will go out for dinner appointments and may go out four times a week. Surprisingly, this is accepted by his wife.

    When a married man lives with a real woman, why does he want to buy a sex doll or an artificial intelligence interactive doll, which is a hobby that requires both money and a manager. Is it because the man’s wife is no longer willing to have sex with him? Just because they need to meet the need for love and sex? The husband with the doll said that the sex of the sex doll is only a small part of the demand, in the long run, you can get more fun by caring for them, dressing them, makeup and interacting.

    They generally have deep feelings for realistic sex dolls, and even said that if they can return to the marriage before they start, they would rather buy a sex doll or robot from the beginning, thus avoiding the whole asexual marriage.

    Do the doll lovers mind that friends and relatives know their hobbies? Although there are many people who love it on the Internet, people in this circle who don't know about it will still not understand it. I can't explain them one by one, and I don't want to change them. This hobby is fully integrated into life.

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  3. How to bath your sex doll?

    When taking a bath,remove the wig firstly. It is recommended to put the love doll on the seat and use a sitting position to clean it.

    Try to avoid water on the head when taking a bath. Gently wipe the head with a semi-wet towel and apply powder. Neutral detergent for non-irritating neutral shower gel, soap, shampoo and dishwashing. Clean (do not use corrosive detergents, including strong acids, strong alkaline solutions, strong disinfectants and detergents). Do not use hot water to clean the real dolls (please adjust the water temperature to below 45 °C) You can gently scrub with your hands during cleaning. Do not wash the doll with force.

    .100cm sex doll

    After cleaning, please use a white towel to wipe dry to avoid staining. After the bath is cleaned and the sex doll is dried, the body of the doll is powdered. Use the special powder that comes with the product or the ordinary talcum powder. The purpose is to absorb oil, increase the smooth feel, and keep the body dry and clean.

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