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  1. My First Sex Doll Shopping Online

    After checked with the vendor over times, I finally finish payment of the sex doll online. I think it should be discreet. Thanks for the good communication. What I only need to need is waiting for the parcel.
    Four days later, I found it was left at the front door. That I never saw and received such big case before. It is heavy, in fact. I was feeling burned out after drag this big thing into my room. Unpacked the case, I found the sex doll was nude and seperated head from the body. That is weird, like a corpse. I also found the wig and outfit and other appliance. Make sure it is right on all features, I was going to wash and sterilize her. As I couldn't stand the smell of industrial detergent.

    Then I dressed her the navy suits, which provided by the vendor. I was thinking to buy more outfits for her. Overall, things would be perfect. I carried her to the bed, the touch of the sex doll's cold and soft body drove me be unable to bear or endure mind ripples. I made her one leg bent and leaned back against the headboard.

    She is not a human. Yes, I know that clearly in mind. She is lifelike sex doll. Real enough to make human misunderstands. I grabed her hands, soft and little warm, that would due to the warm bath. I thought. The lightly contacts pleased my minds. The sex doll looks sweet and kind, there is never a face such exquisite I've seen. I felt I was going to fall in love with her.

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  2. You Can't Deny The Benefits from The Sex Doll

    Nowadays, the rise of artificial intelligence makes it possible to own an interactive partner. You may interrupt me because it is not a fresh news. Years ago, it came out a seris of robots. They could do some houseworks. Take it easy, man. Here I am not talking about robots. I mean sex doll robot. It is the most realistic sexual partner till now. They are made to satisfy human sexual desires and developed to the best life companion.

    The sex doll technology has evolved tremendously through the years. Their skin and flesh are soft, it also can be warmed by a heating tube. The sex doll robot in your embrace is not cold metal any more. The newest sex doll robot has been programmed to express emotion, when they feel you are not gentle, they will ask for stop. The sex doll robots are so lifelike and beautiful. They are also applied as clothing models in the mall. All people are surprised and impressed on them. They are treated as real fashion models.

    Some people denied all benefits of the sex doll brought to humans. They defined the real sex doll as creepy, abnormal, a kind of discrimination against women. While the ideas of sex doll is from a amazing myth, instead of a lewd event. A skilled sculptor carves her best work, a beautiful woman, he no doubt falls in love with this beautiful woman. And he prays she will be alive, and live happily in their life.

    Right now, the sex doll can be bought in high-volume sex toys store. You can also get it online in case your neighbors know it.

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  3. Start Your Day out Right with The Companionship of Sex Doll

    Maybe you just know realistic sex doll first time. Maybe you have a stable partner but you think of the sex doll when your partner is not available. Or you are looking for more possibilities in intercourse or masturbation, then the realistic sex doll will be a reliable option.

    In fact, you can find a lot of sex dolls sold online. When you google the sex doll vendor and browse the online store, you are probably confused that which doll you should buy. The realistic sex doll is made for simulate human sexual intercourse. So it has fully sexual organs same as a nature woman. You can choose it as per your tastes and preferences. You can handle a preliminary research before purchasing the sex doll. Here list of pertinent advices for your reference. Hope it will be helpful.

    Mini Sex Doll Or Normal Size Sex Doll
    Advantages: Mini sex doll is lighter because of the body size, you can hold up her easier. And it rates less much than a higher doll.
    Disadvantages: which 3 opening size is much smaller than normal ones. Please make sure it will fit over your penis.

    Built-in Vagina Doll Or Removable Vagina Doll
    Advantages: Removable vagina is better in cleaning. It can be moved in and out free.
    Disavantages: For those people who enjoy realistic experience, the built-in vagina doll will be better.

    Standable Doll Or Normal Type Sex Doll
    Advantages: From the words, the standable sex doll can stand by itself.
    Disadvantages: The standable sex doll has screw mark under the foot, the foots are not smooth and not beautiful in apperance.

    There requests extra costs if you ask for additional functions. Hope you can get a satisfying sex doll.

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  4. Better to Own A Sex Doll Than A Real Woman

    A matured or married men can make out a long list of the adult entertainments. They are sure no men won't be interested in free porn and excited about sex cam. They look have extremely full experience in self adult activities. In fact, masturbation is a rapid and efficient way to release physical desire in nature. Besides the free hand, owning a comfortable sex toy will enhance your sexual life. For better user experience, the designers also improve the products in design and structure. Most men seem more interested in realistic sex doll. As they think it a great way to go back and forth between reality and fantasis.

    The realistic sex doll is well known among the individuals of all ages. The particular doll owners in 40-50 years old is the mainstream. As we all know, the entity TPE sex doll rates over $1,000 or $2,000 in average(Data provided by The mid-age men generally have a good job and stable position. It is affordable for them to enjoy a satisfying dolls. However, their personal life might not as good as their work. In a mature mind, they wouldn't like to seek risk online like some young generation, they also don't want to be involved in prostitute. The priority consideration is a good companionship. That will be perfect if she is good looking. They feel that the real sex doll is more satisfying and gratifying than a real woman. In the process of taking care of the sex doll will be much fun.

    If you are considering to own such amazing sex doll, you are welcome to start from visit

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  5. What Do You Think of The New Era of The Sex Doll?

    Now things has become so interesting when people found the humanlike mult-function sex doll robot was catching worlds' attentions. When people browsed the related news, sites and images, they learned that a kind of lifelike sex doll has been used and well known in some niche market.

    Then what is the sex doll made of? Good quality sex doll is made from TPE flesh in whole body and metal skeleton to support the heavy body. The solid soft body impressed everyone who touched it. The realistic sex doll has the complete physical structure of a real woman, including vagina, anal and lovely mouth. It is definitely a worthy self-investment. In some cases, the sex doll will be helpful in your hard times. As it is easy to take the doll for a nature woman.

    Exactly, the sex doll is welcome to be a long-term sex partner. You can take her into many different positions. You will realize it may be a good choice for you to achieve all your sexual fantasies.

    For many years, the real sex doll might not be acceptable in some people. They argued that whatever the sex doll turns out to be, the nature woman should be the initial choice. Using sex doll is a kind of crime against nature. But in other sense, they are allowing sex doll robot into the family. Due to it will make things easier.

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  6. Idollators: Romantic Relationship between Sex Doll Enthusiasts And Sex Doll

    There is a special couple become well-know at John & Tony's in West Chicago. 54 year old John and his girl Jackie, a long hair beauty in a wheelchair. Many people go to John & Tony's with curious of the romantic relationship of John and Jackie. Why? Jackie is a realistic sex doll.

    Jackie is not like a ordinary girl. She can not react to the surroundings. She can not walk by herself, so she is in the wheelchair anytime. She can not talk, but you believe she can listen all your words without interrupts.

    John would like to take his beloved girl out for a romantic date. They are gazing each other and smile once John feels he is so happy. John is also glad to talk to Jackie, even though Jackie is always listening John talking. Perhaps the passerby think it is weird conversation.

    Seeing from the romantic relationship of John and Jackie, we learn about the people who choose to live with a sex doll are not in the minority. Some people use sex dolls for arts and friendship, they keep a non-sexual relationship.

    For those peoplee who lost their loves and can not go out for a new life, the realistic sex doll will be a perfect way without any doubt.

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  7. Living with Kim Kardashian Will Come True

    What if someone told you that you can live with Kim Kardashian or another beautiful girl you are into?

    Sex doll manufactures will make it come true. They support the sex doll customize service. After you submitt a girl photo, the mould designer will work on the sample making till it looks like the real.

    Hence, whatever she is celebrity, your dead spouse or your lover, they can be customized and made in a certain time.

    Some people have enquires if it may violate effigies right. After all, they don't get the consent from the real people. Before stamp it illegal in law, the people looking for customize sex doll service is increasing heavely.

    Except the beautiful face, you can also ask for a big breast, huge butt body. But the flat chest seems more favorite.

    Do you have any idea for the following sex dolls? Who do you think they are?

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  8. Sex Doll Help to Improve Male Sexual Performance

    Many men are worried about their sexual performance in bed. Let alone for those virgins. They learned from porn, but failed from no sexual partner. They were looking for across various chances dating online. But it brought too many risks and troubles to their daily life. Hence, they focus on the realisitc sex dolls.

    Do you know sexual exercise helps keeping firmer and last longer?
    Whatever from the flexible body, or soft fingers, even for the lifelike sexual organs. Sex dolls leave a real impression. Regular sexual exercise can enhance your penis. If you are not lasting as your wish in bed, the sex doll will be the best way for sexual practice.

    Do you like to keep your penis works at best performance?
    One of the ways to improving penis performance is sexual practice. The lifelike vagina texture inside can increase your blood flow and take you into sexual heaven close to real.

    Would you like to maintain sexual activity in bed any time?
    The beautiful sex doll is always available for you. She is no pregnant, period, bad emothions. It is also a miracle in boosting your libido.

    You know not all the women will be great for your taste. But the sex doll can satisfy your all fantasies in vision and feelings.

    As a sex doll enthusiast, you’re not alone. Any questions on the doll you can leave your message.

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