1. Will The Sex Robot Change Your Perception of Relationships?

    Developments in artificial intelligence could lead to progress fast in humanity. At the same time, humans are also worried about the negative effects it caused. It includes the transformation of the relationship with the AI robot.

    AI robots presence brings direct and indirect influence on human relationship. Though AI is just a fledgling item, In a brilliant mix of AI and sex doll, sex doll robot get an overwhelming advantage. It has been applied to replace the prostitute in some cities. It may be the inevitable trend of social development that the sex doll robot will take over some jobs.

    In nearly future, will the sex doll robot be used as life ancillary equipment or an indispensable life partner?

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  2. What Is The Motivation to Pay for A Sex Doll?

    Humanity is contributing too much to suppress prostitution. No matter legislation or social moral supervision, the harlotry is not declining but increasing. Just because of the huge demands, adult products suppliers pushed the lifelike sex doll out. And it arouses the global's attention. We can analyze what is the motivation to pay for a sex doll.

    It was summarized as below:

    Doll fetish
    Be curious about the fresh product
    Taboo break legally
    In demand and feel safe
    Enhance masculinity
    Unaccepted sexual drives
    No emotional load

    Having sex with the love doll makes men feel more dominant. They can control the sex doll as they wish. It is like a kind of rewards game.

    Another part of the group covers the disabled. They have the physical disability Whether by nature or by nurture. They feel insecure and poverty, then they won't get close to the natural woman. The sex doll will be helpful to overcome their limitations until they can get the normal relationship with other women.

    To our surprise, some men would like to talk to the sex doll, even though they can not get any feedback. They enjoy the accompany of the sex doll. It seems that the sex doll is a indispensable partner.

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  3. Why Do So Many People want to Visit Sex Doll Brothel?

    For the latest two years, the business of the sex doll brothel was rising in the global. According to the statistics, the married men become the main consumers. Differ from the illegal prostitute, the sex doll brothel has got the allowance of the government and owned the business certificate. The men were involved in the mass of contradictions. They found that they got endless empty, and unfulfilling though they have stable relationships.

    When the man was asked about his comments on paying for a sex doll, he said, "the sex doll is like an ideal partner option B. She is so pretty, it is enjoyable. It is a kind of beautiful fantasy. She likes me, she understands me, she won't leave me. I don't need to rack my brains making her satisfied."

    He laughed out with shoulder shaking,"What if the law banning the sex doll got approval, I will lose too much pleasure" An upcoming new law will make it illegal for citizens to import and selling sex doll. The sex doll supporter protest it is unfair that stop the real sex doll deals. It is against human rights.

    Then what do you think about that? Leave your comments below.

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  4. Is The Sex Doll Covered in Your Next Shopping List?

    As a long-term available sex partner, the realistic sex doll costs much more than a common sex toy.

    The legality of the sex doll will continue to be a part of people's debate. Many people special for the men were asked if they would like to order an affordable sex doll when they live alone.

    Led by the sex doll manufacturers considered this should be sure without any query. It sounds like the investment in buying a sex doll is totally worthy. When you are going to buy a high-priced good, you should think about if it will bring back the equal value in nearly future. Pick up a calculator and press it out how much it will save than when you are in an uncertain relationship. Who can make sure the busty pretty sex doll is not more satisfying than a natural woman?

    The love doll is not the natural woman but it's really amazing. The sex doll line goes fast. More and more technologies are applying to make the doll appear alive. From the latest news, the update sex doll robot can blink eyes, move arms and figures. And she can offer a simply conversation under the limited program data.

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  5. What The Man Actual Need from His Partner

    He broke up with his wife for various of economy issues ten years ago. Many family problems caused by the unequal incomes take risks to the marriage, particularly the wife earned more than the husband. However, the man didn't get worse after divorce. He got a new girlfriend. She is a human size sex doll. This lovely girl cost him about $2,800. "That was my first girl, she is not alive, but I feel satisfied with her." The man told us with happiness.

    In the following years, the man has been raising three sex dolls successively. For him, these girls are there to console and comfort him in hours of need. “In my last failed marriage, I felt embarrassment and pain when I was overwhelmed to fix the abounds daily cost. My ex-wife is a loyal fan of luxury brands. I realized that I was not able to afford all of this." The man confessed to us. "But after that, I found the sex doll is an ideal partner, she has no sense of vanity, I can save too much to live with her. All I need is a mate to give understands and support to me, I think the sex doll is what I want. "

    For the men looking for free life, living with the mature sex doll looks more valuable.

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  6. Say No to The Imports, Korean Starts to Manufacture And Sell Sex Doll in Local

    The realistic sex doll was ever marked as corrupt public morals in Korea. Any dolls related were forbidden to enter the Korea market.

    While nowadays, it reported a local company is working on the making and selling sex doll. To make public surprising, checked the Korea law, nothing can stop and regulate their business.

    And this company began to promote their business in Naver from March this year, the most popular social community online.

    Till now, the Naver adult thread brought a remarkable registered quantity even though it has the strict verified steps. Over 10 million Naver cafes contributed to the sales of the sex doll.

    On the Naver cafes, some sex doll buyers left some reviews and feedbacks. They confessed the sex doll is no different than a human on the body molding. They all meet the public aesthetic standard. Very beautiful work.

    But the adult rules are found a big loophole. The under 18 years young people can buy a real sex doll without any difficulties once they input the adult's date of birth and using that adult's handphone.

    What is more important is that it was not legally required to ban or publish the company who is working on making and sell sex doll in Korea.

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  7. Buying Sex Doll Online , Feasible Way to Get Much pleasure

    It is attractive that shopping online. Especial for the sex doll, you can check with dozens of doll vendors and pick up your favorite sex doll from hundreds of options. Then it helps to shorten the choosing time. There is another advantage, you can replace a sex doll head when you are tired of seeing the same looking. Have a try.

    Fantastic sex doll has got the high reputation in real life. Lifelike sex doll won't cheat you, no lie, never mad. You can enjoy it as per your own rhythm. Those nearly the same to the natural women are impressing. What's more, they will be designed with a huge breast and big ass if you like.

    When she wears a sexy lingerie, I can feel she is happy. In the beginning, I was told it is shameful to hold a sex doll. But now I am not affected by those judgments. I want to make the memory with the sex doll. And the facts tell us it is a really amazing experience.

    Many people would like to buy a sex doll but stopped in the front of the high price. The distributors purchase the doll from the manufacturer at first applicable price. Then it will add the labor cost, freight and storage fee. The retailers will increase the cost of labor, freight and store rent as well. Thus, the best way to get a sex doll is that buying from the manufacturers directly. Nowadays, the manufacturers can supply the one piece shipment via the e-commercial network. USEXDOLL is one of the most reliable suppliers. We hold the principle of the maximum let consumers. Then you can get a high quality but less price sex doll.

    More information please visit

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  8. The Sex Doll Should Not Be Pinned The Tag of Porn And Obscenity

    Several days before, our customer service received a mail from a sex doll buyer. We checked the order record and found he bought a 140cm sex doll half year before. This man seems to be introvert. From the first touch to after-service, he only gave us response twice. We all felt surprised to get connected again.

    He told us he had never shown any interests for dolls and other sex toys. Sex life becomes routine. Something changed till divorce with his wife. He knew he did nothing to contribute to their relationship. Perhaps a dumb man would lose too much. Thus, he made a decision to practice how to take care of others. The lifesize sex doll would a good decision. "It was something of a novelty and fun." He said.

    "For a better understand, I registered many doll forums, which plenty of information makes the things easier, furthermore, some guy created the personal blog to record the doll life. You won't believe the sex doll world is not just the tag of porn and obscenity. You will find most of the sex doll players are working on the decent job."

    "My intention happened to change later, that is owing to my daughter. She is a loyal fan of Japanese anime, she proposed to dress it as the anime character. That is a great idea. My daughter was helpful in makeup. I was delightful the days we had together. Each time when facing the finished work, we felt happy than ever."

    We are also glad his life is being better. This man wasn’t involved to the dark of divorce. On the contrary, he felt close to his daughter due to the same interests.

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  9. The Current Criterion of Female Beauty, The Men Go after The Beautiful Sex Doll

    To attract the attention of a potential love interest, the women get plastic surgery, learn makeup and focus on the good-looking on face and body. They cost too much on beauty and fitness. How about those lazy girls? We know people would like to share their selfies on the SNS. The girls won't post their selfies until they are sure it has been edited to be perfect. They enlarge the eyes, make the skin more white, lengthen the leg and narrow the face.

    "The natural beauties won't go out with us, meanwhile we don't like to date you"The men exclaim when they find out those fake faces.

    But if you display a life-size sex doll in the store, many people will pay for it without hesitation. You can see the pomp scene in the physical stores. Many people are the active buyers. But there is a shipping problem to be solved. It is a really big carton. So many people turn to shop online. They can get it at home. Under the promise of discreet shipping, they can avoid any awkwardness. They are no longer afraid to get unfriendly eyesights.

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  10. The Developing Sex Doll Industry And Controversy

    The topic of the lifelike sex doll has continued to ferment. I felt bored to respond to such things. Apparently, sexuality difference occupies some parts. The men and the women have various consideration in evaluating sex doll. The men say the sex doll is the humanized design, but the women venture an objection and insist it is over-erotic.
    I thought it caused by the vendor's naked advertising announcement.

    From the first sex doll came out, it was defined as the sex toy that is human size entity-body, in special, its head could be regarded as real human's head. When the human combines vision and realism, that is the life-size sex doll. Gradually, the vendors get the sex doll as a real prostitute for advertisement in public.

    And right now, there has been developed more and more shapes and faces. Everyone has the difference in taste. Someone likes sexy sex doll, but some prefer flat body, and others have the specified characters.

    Most people have some certain higher request. At first, the sex doll can be adjusted to many postures with the bendable joint. Later, it could be achieved with short communication. And right now, the sex doll can keep the information of your preference and important days in your life.

    What qualification do you think deserve into the sex doll? Leave your comments.

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