1. The Sex Doll Should Not Be Pinned The Tag of Porn And Obscenity

    Several days before, our customer service received a mail from a sex doll buyer. We checked the order record and found he bought a 140cm sex doll half year before. This man seems to be introvert. From the first touch to after-service, he only gave us response twice. We all felt surprised to get connected again.

    He told us he had never shown any interests for dolls and other sex toys. Sex life becomes routine. Something changed till divorce with his wife. He knew he did nothing to contribute to their relationship. Perhaps a dumb man would lose too much. Thus, he made a decision to practice how to take care of others. The lifesize sex doll would a good decision. "It was something of a novelty and fun." He said.

    "For a better understand, I registered many doll forums, which plenty of information makes the things easier, furthermore, some guy created the personal blog to record the doll life. You won't believe the sex doll world is not just the tag of porn and obscenity. You will find most of the sex doll players are working on the decent job."

    "My intention happened to change later, that is owing to my daughter. She is a loyal fan of Japanese anime, she proposed to dress it as the anime character. That is a great idea. My daughter was helpful in makeup. I was delightful the days we had together. Each time when facing the finished work, we felt happy than ever."

    We are also glad his life is being better. This man wasn’t involved to the dark of divorce. On the contrary, he felt close to his daughter due to the same interests.

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  2. The Current Criterion of Female Beauty, The Men Go after The Beautiful Sex Doll

    To attract the attention of a potential love interest, the women get plastic surgery, learn makeup and focus on the good-looking on face and body. They cost too much on beauty and fitness. How about those lazy girls? We know people would like to share their selfies on the SNS. The girls won't post their selfies until they are sure it has been edited to be perfect. They enlarge the eyes, make the skin more white, lengthen the leg and narrow the face.

    "The natural beauties won't go out with us, meanwhile we don't like to date you"The men exclaim when they find out those fake faces.

    But if you display a life-size sex doll in the store, many people will pay for it without hesitation. You can see the pomp scene in the physical stores. Many people are the active buyers. But there is a shipping problem to be solved. It is a really big carton. So many people turn to shop online. They can get it at home. Under the promise of discreet shipping, they can avoid any awkwardness. They are no longer afraid to get unfriendly eyesights.

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  3. The Developing Sex Doll Industry And Controversy

    The topic of the lifelike sex doll has continued to ferment. I felt bored to respond to such things. Apparently, sexuality difference occupies some parts. The men and the women have various consideration in evaluating sex doll. The men say the sex doll is the humanized design, but the women venture an objection and insist it is over-erotic.
    I thought it caused by the vendor's naked advertising announcement.

    From the first sex doll came out, it was defined as the sex toy that is human size entity-body, in special, its head could be regarded as real human's head. When the human combines vision and realism, that is the life-size sex doll. Gradually, the vendors get the sex doll as a real prostitute for advertisement in public.

    And right now, there has been developed more and more shapes and faces. Everyone has the difference in taste. Someone likes sexy sex doll, but some prefer flat body, and others have the specified characters.

    Most people have some certain higher request. At first, the sex doll can be adjusted to many postures with the bendable joint. Later, it could be achieved with short communication. And right now, the sex doll can keep the information of your preference and important days in your life.

    What qualification do you think deserve into the sex doll? Leave your comments.

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  4. Doll Owner Has Fallen in Love with Artificial Sex Robots after Divorce

    The 60 years old man who has two children became famous due to he was the first one to get the most advanced sex doll robot, which values 15,000 pounds. It has the amazing ability to remember your birthday and orgasms.

    Till now, the man has owned 5 artificial sex robot partner. It starts with his divorce.

    Sex doll manufacturers are excellent at developing AI technology these years. They competed to invite him to experience the intelligent sex doll robot. The consumers can customize the sex doll robot appearance. Even the nipple color or labia. For a better interaction, the sex doll robot has been created more version. Do you want to see the family-friendly doll? Do you like the emotional sex doll? They can turn to the shy mode or the jealous mode. The real sex doll robot has the abundant space to store the owner's preference. They will keep in mind your favorite food, film, and music.

    The man named Brick confessed that the real doll players will find out the interests in it. There have been more lonely guys join the group.

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  5. How Is AI Used In Sex Doll Industry?

    The increasing governments are involved in the research and development of artificial intelligence. Humans are stepping into an era of intelligence. It has been discovered to get outstanding advances from AI in China and Russian. Noone can stop the sci-tech development.

    If you said the lifelike sex doll is so attractive but no soul regrettably. Then the AI technology revitalizes the sex doll. They make it possible to have a man-machine intercourse. Though the technology needs further improvement at present, it leaves an impressive image of the era of man-machine. In the future decades, the sex doll robot will be commonplace.

    Recently, several leading sex doll corporations has rolled out AI sex doll consecutively. They can support the short conversation. Meanwhile, they are set to have subjective awareness. Once they feel not in good mood, they will turn off the emotion terminal. It is just like a woman in a cold war period.

    The fast-evolving technology of AI benefits most people. The current human has the strong celibacy mind. A lot of people would like to live alone. If the sex doll robots come to the ordinary people, it will affect the natural human birth rate.

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  6. Tips to Easily Patch The Damage Cuts on TPE Sex Doll

    Warm reminded: Far away from anything sharp when playing with TPE sex doll.

    If you have the sex doll damaged with the sharp thing, such as the knife, scissors or your long fingernails, take it easy, you can follow the below instructions to fix it.

    What you will use include: TPE adhesive, Toothpick, Clean lint-free cloth, kitchen paper


    1 Put the sex doll flat;
    2 Wipe off the dust and water stains around the scrapes and cuts using the clean lint-free cloth;
    3 Put a kitchen paper over the damage cuts to prevent the adhesive splash in other places;
    4 Claw the damage cuts, meanwhile, pick up a little adhesive using the toothpick;
    5 Add the adhesive inside the damage cuts and pinch it as soon as possible;
    6 In two minutes, it will be stuck.

    Ps: Don't pour the adhesive inside the damage cuts, it will be caused deeply hurts. It will be burning by chemical action.

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  7. Playing with A Sex Doll at Home When It's Hot Outside

    Except for the hot weather, this summer seems perfect. I suspect to be melt under the fiery sun. All my friends refused to go out for gatherings. Then it is the right time to order a sex doll to get through the hard times, I thought.

    I was thrilled to receive the sex doll. "Hello, your big parcel has been left at your front yard". Thank god, the courier has gone finally. I opened the door and dragged the super heavy package into the house. There was kind of strange feeling. It was not like the blow-up sex doll I bought before. It is too real, I could feel it shaking when I slapped its face slightly.

    It might be a little obscene, but I really checked the penetration entries. It was set oral, anal, vaginal entries. That is incredible. It is totally created as a real woman. Its beautiful young face was also impressive. The sexy body was unforgettable. I never suppose I can play with such a charming lady. But yes, it is sitting on my couch right now.

    I believe it will bring many joys into this summer or more days later. Before that, I will learn how to dress her.

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  8. Good Sex Doll for Simulating Real Sex Experience

    Great sexual life is not a boring routine, exploring a unique sex has much more fun. When we talk about sex, the men will be proud of knowing how to flirt. And it makes them feel good about themselves once they find out the new sexual area. Are you realizing there are still so many things unknown deserves exploring? You have to know some sex toys will help you not only in sex skills, also good for your sexual relationship. Yes, that is the sex doll we talk about in the following. Read on.

    Everyone is looking forward the partner enjoys the sex and gets pleasure each time. Then how to achieve it. No one likes to receive the negative response on the bed. It directly results in sexual urge cool and disappears. Each woman gets the orgasm in different ways. That is why we say each woman is distinctive. For those single men, the lifelike sex doll will be the test subject. They won't take over any complains to break the confidence. Try to imagine, if you can control sex very skillfully and look after sex doll in maintaining, is there any difficulties to face a real woman?

    In your play, lube, a set of sexy lingerie or cosplay clothes for the sex doll will make the experience more fun. What the sex doll differ from other sex toys is that the unique sexual experience. That is awesome!

    More information about sex doll you can comment on USEXDOLL.COM.

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  9. Sex Doll Is Qualified to Be Your Ideal Partner

    Believe that, the lifelike sex doll will help you away from many issues in life. A lot of people are less skilled in interpersonal. Usually, they feel frustrated when two people cannot reach an agreement. More and more people are included in the lonely group.

    Some people would be curious about how it is available to cope with sex. That is interesting. You almost find that the lifelike sex doll is qualified to be an ideal sex mate or lifemate.

    For the men, they find out they fail to satisfy their female partner like the actor in the porn video. For instance, they make a mess in the foreplay. Generally, the men would like to hit the goal in a direct and fast way. However, the women need more stimulating in emotion to arouse their desires. It is quite hard for those men. The sex doll has the absolute advantage to make you experience more pleasant sex. You will skip the stage of self-doubt.

    The play dominated by you will go as you wish. You can practice sexual skills as much as possible. Diverse styles and positions are waiting for you exploring. If you want to find out more comfortable experience, lifelike sex doll is a good choice for you totally.

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  10. How do Kink Sex Fans Achieve Their Sexual Desires?

    Most people are obsessed with trying something new. Under the ethic pressure, they have to fight the urges as per the standard of the normal person. Eventually, they can not make a good solution to release the desires. Whatever men or women, long time repressed mental will come up with some serious issues. Personalities and minds will turn to the risk. Well, how do you solve your sexual fetish? Can you take the risk to ask your female partner to achieve your kink sexual interests?

    If you won't be regarded as "nerd" or "creepy", the lifelike sex doll will be useful.

    Human is the advocates of pleasant sex life. Woody Allen said, "Sex between a man and a woman can be absolutely wonderful — provided you get between the right man and the right woman."

    Believe me, apart from the lady who understood you and accepts all your sexual interests, there is no one better than a submissive sex doll. You won't get "no" when you are in high sexual excitement.

    You won't know lifelike sex doll is a great partner until you get one. Woody Allen also told the public "Sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go it's one of the best. " Yes, when you can not find out the nature lover, you can take an experience with the sex doll. It is much safer than a prostitute.

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