1. Newbie to The Realistic Sex Doll? Tips to Find out The Best Sex Doll for You

    Well, if you are going to take a sex doll home but unfamiliar with it, you can go ahead for the below tips. It will tell you how to get the best one for you.

    Here is the ultimate filter to find out the most suitable sex doll for you.

    1 Silicone Sex Doll or TPE Sex Doll?

    Most people are confused about these two materials. From the photos display, you cannot tell which is TPE, which is silicone or other inferior materials. And some crafty vendors take advantage of this loopholes to misdirect consumer in playing edge ball. Don't choose the doll without clear material specification. Back to the two materials commonly used, silicone and TPE are both soft materials. The silicone has the advantage of temperature resistance and easy cleaning. And the TPE sex doll is more elastic and more flexible. If you are looking for a natural feel, you can choose the TPE sex doll. If you prefer durability, get the silicone sex doll. By the way, the TPE sex doll is much cheaper than silicone ones.

    2 Height And Weight
    Why I list this feature option in the second position? Unlike the inflatable sex doll, the lifelike sex doll is the entity mannequin, which weight close to a real woman. For instance, a 155cm TPE sex doll is almost 82lbs. Please think about if you can hold up a heavy doll easily. The taller, the heavier.

    3 Skin Color
    Nature, Tan, Black, Wheat, which color of the sex doll would you like?

    3 Additional Functions
    Standable sex doll or normal, built-in vaginal or removable vaginal.

    4 Other Preference
    We respect everyone's preference. Flat chest, big boobs, huge butts, thick lips, pockmarked face, with teeth or without teeth, close-eye sex doll or normal type.

    Some people also take the storage space into consideration. Then if you have problems to choose the sex doll, leave your comments, we will give you reply at earliest time.

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  2. 5 Reasons The Men Make It A Priority to Buying A Sex Doll

    It becomes more common for a man to have a sex doll. Particularly for those who are not in a relationship or don't want a relationship presently, the real sex doll will be their top choice to get through hard times.

    TPE dollHere list 5 reasons why the men make it a priority to buying a sex doll:

    1 Attractive out-looking. Whatever on the face or from the body, the real sex doll undoubtedly collects key features of the sexy beautiful girl. The most important, the real sex doll won't get older. They always look young as you see the first time.

    2 The real doll is always available. It might sound obscene, but yes, you can get into her anytime and she will never resist your control.

    3 The real sex doll won't make fun of your awkward sexual skills. You will feel relax as she doesn't have concepts and images how other guys are.

    4 No trouble for your real relationship. Sure, she is not a real woman. There is unnecessary to worry about she will be a threat to your social relationship. She won't be pregnant. Yes, never.

    5 Low cost in a long term. How much for a dinner when you go out with a real woman? How many times you will cost until you are being together? Does that girl belong you forever? Well, I am not sure about that. But as I know you can get a real sex doll for a life once you paid off one time.

    real dollHence, the real sex doll is helpful for your sexual health. If you live alone, go for a real sex doll. If you won't cheat your marriage, go for a real sex doll. If you like the real sex doll just because the attractive arts, go for it.

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  3. Flat Chest Sex Doll, Which Has Been Loved And Appreciated in A Long Time

    When we talk about the sexy girl, what words do you come up with? Big boobs, busty, huge breast. But who dares to say the small breast or flat chests are not impressive. I don't know what your standard on the flat chest girl. But for me, on the frontier sales of sex doll, the sales on the flat chest sex doll is much bigger than the other size.

    When you are browsing the sex dolls on, you feel relaxed. Some magic will happen when you enjoy the good appearance of this lovely doll. You will feel everything is amazing, They look so real and natural. And you will get the crazy night with the doll. So click the button check out, you will see her in real after several days. We are sure that you will be delighted to get it penetrated. Then it leads to having you reach climax.

    If you'd like to maximize fun from the sexual life, the only item you need to get is just a lifelike sex doll. Have a good time for oral, vaginal, anal sex.

    In conclusion, though you might think such the fake sex doll is not perfect to be a sex partner. She can not understand what you think, she can not interactive with you, she gets no initiative. Whatever, if you consider it from this angle, you can not satisfy any of toys or human.

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  4. TPE Sex Dolls, The Nature Feeling Satisfied More And More People

    There are so many people unbelieve that the sex doll will help the guys to get more sexual skills. While the reality tells us it is no problem to transform to a skilled man and surprising your real partner. What you need is a life-size sex doll. It sounds a kind of magic. Yes, as the female sex doll is made in the right proportions of the real woman. It also simulates as functions of different sex organs. As you wish, the man fell fortune to win three penetration. And the sex doll won't say no to you when you are in the high spot. It's amazing, right?

    How can you explore the different sexual position and satisfy yourself? The sex doll shows all rounds service. You can unlock a variety of positions. But you can not expect it to rotate 360 degrees. Learn about the moving range of metal joints from the instruction manual, you can get more treats.

    We are delighted to introduce it to those who really need and like it. When you get a sex doll, you are unnecessary to buy other toys. Some guys think the rate seems unaffordable. That is also the problem manufacturers care about. When the manufactures find the TPE is more natural but cheaper than silicone, they take action to replace the materials. That's why TPE sex doll is popular in the following years.

    For more on what we think of the sex doll, check out our blog on

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  5. Incredible! The Sex Doll Owners Skyrocket over 2018

    Some people called the real doll is the luxury among the sex toys. Then are those doll buyers high-income earners? Not exactly. We can analyze the sex doll e-market.

    Here we are not talking about the sex robot or AI sex doll. As it has not come alive yet. Regardless that the future sex robots will be the competitors or the important companies, the human won't stop the adventure of the technology.

    So back to the topic, some countries have the clear documents to restrict the exposure and spreads of the erotic related products. As a result, the sex doll is also covered in the banned list. Maybe these countries legislative should be above the social needs. The government deems the erotic demands will tarnish people's minds. Hence, it severely hinders people's positivity of increasing the living level. While, after the sexual culture permeates the public at large, how it should be? When you can accept the sex doll, the sex robot in other countries has been developed greatly.

    Right now, when the sex doll was delivered to your door, you were hardly unsatisfied with her. The sex dolls or the mannequins have the nearly real appearance. Whatever in her makeup, or the facial features, the doll can be recognized to be a real woman. The most important, she won't change due to the age effects. This humanized product is rated range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The sex doll is totally an affordable product. You can decide to purchase what kind of doll per your financial status.

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  6. Why People Have The Different View between The Realistic Sex Doll And AI Sex Robot?

    The sex doll has developed to be the human-like version. It is inevitable that the realistic sex doll will be a part of our life. When more and more female sex dolls are pouring into the market, do you think it will affect the female's life roles?

    Under the current circumstance of the booming economy, Is that a sign of sexism to use the female sex doll? Will it be possible that the men trivialize, insult or render women invisible. Many people are questioning whether the sex doll is seen as more than a sex toy.

    Some women feel uncomfortable when seeing the female sex doll displayed. They consider it tends to merchandise woman. The sex doll beauty or nude images are communicated and spread in a crazy hot way. The unscrupulous horny men can judge and comment on women in public. It sounds super horrible.

    The advance of the real sex doll is one of the most contentious topics in the social media nowadays. When the AI technology brought into the sex doll, it caught worldwide sights. It comes out the different view. People reacted fully interests on getting a talking lifelike sex doll partner. The AI sex robot can provide more than we imagined. People are conflicted. They don't think it is the anti-moral act to get an AI sex robot. Then why is the realistic sex doll unacceptable?

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  7. How Far Will The Sex Doll Brothel Actually Go?

    Actually, when I first browsed the news about the sex doll brothel opened in Rotterdam, I knew it is just a beginning that the people release their potential sexual desires. That is why there were several sex doll brothels overworld opened the door in the following short months.

    Does the sex doll brothel become customs?
    For a long time, I am always amazed at the realistic sex doll. They are too natural. It was deserved to focus on how far will this new industry actually go. It feels good. For most people, they can not imagine how close they stay with a beautiful amazing young girl. In this emotional moment, the girl will burn your minds.

    If it is your first time to touch the real sex doll, you should browse and learn something about the sex doll in advance. Otherwise, you may lose your head at the half an hour value $150. They are human-like in height and weight. But they can not move even though they are visually appealing. So make sure you can hold her with ability before you get excited.

    After a satisfying trial experience, you can consider buying a new one once you are eager to have the next try. Believe me, owning a private sex doll is more worthy than several trying experience.

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  8. What Do You Feel in The Dominated Sex Play?

    When you are thinking of sex, you will consider which type of partner in your play. A horny woman or a submissive pretty lady. However, the reality told you it is not easy to meet such beauties. You can not anticipate the horny woman can meet all your sexual needs.

    In that case, you will think about the possibility to find an alternate partner. This kind of partner will keep silence and have no jealous even though you go out with others. She won't agitate and break your images anywhere. Yes, you've got what I am talking about. It is the lifelike sex doll, which is the human size beautiful girl, she never say no to you. You can make sure she will satisfy many people's physical desires. If what I am talking can not encourage you for a purchase. Go ahead.

    You can treat her as your real sexual partner. She owns perfect human body features. You will get fun from the comfort sex life. Will you stop a model--shaped sex doll? Take her for your all kinds of sexual experience.

    If you are the chest fans, you can not miss the love sex doll. The designer has collected various chest in size and shape. These can be seen on the sex doll finally.

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  9. The Failure of The Sex Doll Brothel in Toronto Really Gets People Thinking

    Scheduled on Sep.8th the sex doll brothel opened on North York Square stopped in the face of obstacles in the process.

    The business owner claimed the sex doll brothel is a place to enjoy the sexual fun without any limitations. Whatever single or married, the love sex doll will provide ultimate sex experience. While it was suspended in the final step. There are several reasons should be analyzed.

    Begin with the improper place selection. The business owner determined the business address on the North York Square. A busy residential street around four primary schools, where is not allowed to open the adult entertainment venues under the specified law.

    Second, lack of the business permission certificate. Forced the pressure from the public, the local government has not issued the permission certificate for this kind of adult entertainment venues.

    Third, no place for the business. After the news spread through the social media, it suffered bashing from local citizens. As a result, the property owner terminated their lease soon.

    The business failed to proceed without the public support. Perhaps, it still has a long way to go for the sex doll purchase online. After all, the trade is discreet and not exposed in the public.

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  10. The Sex Doll Brothel Display Is Like The Victoria's Secret Show

    In a quite long time, sex toys stores were set at the corner. The public regarded them as the indecent. While with the development of open minds, more and more people believe that the sex toys will be useful for human's sexual health. The sex doll in the shop-windows looks like not such disgusting. Moreover, some people began to start their business on the sex doll.

    The rising sex doll brothel broke the old conservative minds. People are seeking more sexual pleasures. Imagine that beautiful silicone ladies are waiting to fulfill all your fantasies.

    The supporters announced that the sex doll helps to reduce the sexual criminal rate. It is effective that enhancing the sexual life in a relationship. What is the most important, It provided a fair situation that man or woman can explore sexual desires freely. The man will have the second option when the partner is unavailable to have the sexual life. Undoubtedly, the creation of the real sex doll is based on human sexual experience and sexual health.

    As the sex doll brothel owner said, It seems like Victoria's Secret show when seeing the sex dolls display in the house. Here is the question, who will refuse these sexy, pretty girls?

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