1. How is the sex doll made? Steam games are getting more and more strange.

    “Do you want to be a sex shop owner?”, the actual operation may be different from what you imagined. Maybe you have played an lifelike sex doll or have seen an realistic sex doll, but you should have never done an sex doll! Recently, Steam has launched a novel simulation game called “Plastic Love”, in which players will play an sex doll dealer to experience the difficulty of this professional fun.

    Slow down, don’t think about it, it’s not that easy to be a sex doll operator. Although the player can face a group of sexy and beautiful love dolls all day, the game content is to design and manufacture the dolls, or to repair the damaged dolls sent by the customer service. As for how bad the customized sex doll is… The player’s own brain is filled!

    “Plastic Love” players will play the role of a store manager who simulates a fun doll shop, tailoring a variety of fun dolls for them according to the customer’s order, or repairing damaged dolls, upgrading dolls, etc. . Run your own sex shop and build your love doll kingdom.

    Compared to the fun doll factory, the game feels more like a human body construction factory.

    (For example, make a good tooth)

    (choose the color of the pupil) 

    (make a nail, be a delicate sex doll girl)

    (to shape the kind of collar bone that the customer likes, lightly code,Change the clothes etc.)
    The game is expected to be released in 2019, the price is not fixed, the release date is not fixed. Want to customize your fantasy doll? You can click usexdoll's customized sex doll service.
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  2. Top 4 Questions of Lifelike Sex Doll

    1. Silicone/TPE sex doll is a sex toy or a humanoid companion
    First of all, we define a silicone doll that is a solid doll, a sex doll, which is a kind of sex toy with high realism. The biggest feature in service is the ability to provide sexual services.

    2. Is there any difference between having a silicone doll and having other sex toys?
    In the past, there were many movies and reports that mentioned inflatable dolls. With the revolution of technology and the evolution of materials, there are now silicone dolls. People may need more sexual fantasies, such as visual, tactile stimulation, and psychological satisfaction, which creates a demand for artificial toys. Silicone dolls have a personal form, which is actually a derivative of sex toys. This is a one-sided view, just treating them as sex dolls. As users continue to increase their needs, they are becoming more and more aware of what they want and can better take care of their own desires.

    3. Can a silicone sex doll replace an real person with emotion?

    The doll can't replace the real person, but it can achieve part of the emotional satisfaction, repair the pain, repair the loss, and satisfy part of the psychological desire. There is feedback between the true emotions of people, that is, I have emotions for you, and you have emotions for me. Simulation doll, it is no way to feedback its emotions, or the feedback of this emotion is only imagined by the user.

    The true kind of emotion will have power in people and will have an impact on people. In real life, people have a lot of helpless and incompetent places. The things that are imagined will of course give people a sense of pleasure. It creates a safe area for people to relax and have fun. But that is always just a world of its own, not a real feedback from the outside world.

    4. Does the presence of lifelike sex dolls affect the intimacy in reality?

    Silicone dolls are more of an alternative to real life. They are a kind of satisfaction. This is like the adhesion and control of a person in love. Silicone dolls can better satisfy this. If a person is frustrated in real life and disappointed with the real world, it is difficult to establish a good realistic relationship in the real world that cannot be fulfilled. On the contrary, silicone dolls can satisfy this part of the fantasy in the virtual world.

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  3. How do sex dolls spice up your life?

    tpe sex doll

    Choosing a sex doll is a way harder than ordinary shopping.

    With their lifelike size and all natural look, you can easily say that love dolls can be perfect companions. Real Dolls are Easy to fall in Love With, They have sexy bodies that are complemented by their clothing, and hair styles. Their faces can be created according to your desire and can have little or heavy make up. Many guys have confessed that they love their sex dolls in the way that they love a human. There is a certain truth to this.

    If you suffer with penile inadequacy, impotence, premature ejaculation, low fertility etc, then you know just how damaging it can be to your confidence, self-esteem and the health of your relationship.

    Research shows that men who are more confident with their penis size and sexual ability, enjoy a healthier sex life. When you possess a higher level of confidence it naturally shines through in all your encounters with women.

    It's no secret that women are attracted to confident men. So by knowing you have what it takes to satisfy any woman you want, your confidence will grow and give you a big advantage over other men.Practising with lifelike sex dolls would be a good chioce.

    Relationships with women can be hard. Relationships are risky to; they can fail and leave everyone heartbroken. Relationships are costly in terms of time, effort, and money. You aren't the only one who has had trouble with women.

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  4. A Child-like Sex Robot Scared BBC Reporter

    This reaction does not seem to be logical but logical. The host of the British BBC is to understand the industry information of the future sex doll documentary. This is the sex robot documentary that the BBC is preparing to shoot. Going deep into a large Japanese sex toy robot factory to understand the situation, and the fact is that he has experienced unprecedented shock and sadness.

    sex toy

    The simulation dolls produced in the doll factory he visited even included mini sex dolls with childlike qualities. Where he was shocked by the subtlety of some surreal dolls. He asked the manufacturer what the doll was. In response, the factory owner said: I have to let the customer think about the actual age setting, but these exquisite sizes and features also leave a rich imagination for the customer. Of course, he obviously knows what this means.   

            100cm sex doll                  

    Obviously for him, this encounter was terrible. He was frightened, tearful, and wanted to escape quickly. Selling child sex dolls in Japan is legally permissible, but people have to admit that there are many different ways to look at it, this is good. We know very well that we are so shocked when we face child sex dolls. Although it is the face of a doll without feelings, it can hijack the brain full of fallen thoughts.

    We need to understand why it is so shocking when it comes to child sex dolls. Is it in the face of indifference when young girls are forced to have sex with dirty adult men, or strange plastic stimulation, or trafficking girls? Inability to take any action is incompetent.

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  5. Sex Doll Selection Guide

    Before reading this blog, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the material, weight, body details, etc. of the doll. And you are eager to buy a dream sex doll. So many sex dolls on the market,find the one that suits you.

    Appearance is not negligible for men, so be sure to choose a face you like when you choose. Nowadays, the sex dolls sold online are basically borrowed pictures of Japanese sex dolls, so be careful not to confuse them. If you buy in the online store, you must ask the owner to send a physical photo to show you even video.

    Nowadays, the production of dolls on the market is generally started after the order is received and the production details of the dolls are checked, and the production cycle is generally maintained for about one week. The production cycle of TPE sex dolls is about three days. (The actual time may be advanced or delayed). So why are TPE dolls twice as short in production cycle as silicone? Because of the different molding processes, and the TPE's detail display ability is relatively weak, it can be packaged after it is basically removed from the mold, repaired, cleaned, and powdered. Although it sounds very casual, the production of silicone dolls is more laborious and has better product performance.

    tpe sex doll

    However, TPE sex dolls are not completely inferior. Due to different production processes, TPE dolls do not have the mold line of silicone dolls, which means smoother. The head is relatively simpler than the silicone doll, the head is trimmed, powdered, and the eyebrows can be painted. What needs to be known is that because of the simplicity of the process, tpe's doll head makeup can only be done with ordinary cosmetics (including the doll's eyebrows), so it will gradually fade. If it is wiped with liquid, it is especially easy to drop makeup. The silicone doll head is accompanied by a beautiful permanent makeup, and in order to match the overall fine details, most manufacturers will match the accessories to highlight the more realistic overall effect.

    It takes a certain amount of time from order to receipt. You can try dumbbells to exercise your muscles. People often can't move the doll out of the box. They can only look dry, although it sounds funny, but it needs a good body is an undeniable fact.

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  6. Behind the sex doll, everyone’s heart needs to be cured.

    The sexual function of each realistic sex doll truly reflects the inner world of these sex doll lovers. They spend a lot of money on their love dolls, not only for sex, but also for building relationships with sex dolls. For some people, sex dolls are their only companion, they may have their own special hobbies, or suffer the sorrow of widowhood and divorce. Some of them will naturally integrate these life-size sex dolls into their lives and social circles, while others require us to give more care and understanding. After all, not everyone can ignore the censure of others.

    tpe sex doll

    Every time the sexual confusion and choices appear, what is hidden behind is often the heart of our wounds. Sometimes sex is just sex; sometimes sex can be everything except sex itself. This is a topic worthy of being discussed forever.

    They have to bear a lot of pressure. They may have wanted to choose a real girlfriend and have a normal relationship. But now they have a dream sex doll to make them happy.

    A good sexual relationship is a manifestation of our good self-esteem and good interpersonal relationships. We can truly treat the needs of ourselves and others equally, and we can please ourselves without fear of the worldly eyes. This is the proof that this society is moving toward civilization rather than corruption.

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  7. How to Reduce the Aging of TPE Dolls

    Many doll lovers who care about the aging and lifespan of TPE sex doll should have doubts. Is it equal to aging when oil is produced? Can powdering reduce oil production? And cleaning can reduce oil production? Many people feel it sticky after washing. Does washing accelerating the decress of oil? Whether bathe the doll will reduce the life of dolls......

    The oil is mainly related to the ambient temperature and the material formulation. The reason why the silica gel and tpe are soft is that the oil is encapsulated in the molecule. After the oil penetrates, the material becomes hard and dry and is easily cracked (aging). Powdering can improve the hand feeling, but Can not stop the oil,you can bath the sex doll, but no hot water.

    The external or environmental factors are mainly sunlight, oxygen, ozone, heat, water, mechanical stress, high-energy radiation, electricity, industrial gases (such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide) and other factors, if the TPE products are exposed to long-term radiation, ozone, ultraviolet light, etc. As a result, aging may occur, causing the TPE material to quickly lose its performance.

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  8. A married man living with a sex robot

    They will go out for dinner appointments and may go out four times a week. Surprisingly, this is accepted by his wife.

    When a married man lives with a real woman, why does he want to buy a sex doll or an artificial intelligence interactive doll, which is a hobby that requires both money and a manager. Is it because the man’s wife is no longer willing to have sex with him? Just because they need to meet the need for love and sex? The husband with the doll said that the sex of the sex doll is only a small part of the demand, in the long run, you can get more fun by caring for them, dressing them, makeup and interacting.

    They generally have deep feelings for realistic sex dolls, and even said that if they can return to the marriage before they start, they would rather buy a sex doll or robot from the beginning, thus avoiding the whole asexual marriage.

    Do the doll lovers mind that friends and relatives know their hobbies? Although there are many people who love it on the Internet, people in this circle who don't know about it will still not understand it. I can't explain them one by one, and I don't want to change them. This hobby is fully integrated into life.

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  9. How to bath your sex doll?

    When taking a bath,remove the wig firstly. It is recommended to put the love doll on the seat and use a sitting position to clean it.

    Try to avoid water on the head when taking a bath. Gently wipe the head with a semi-wet towel and apply powder. Neutral detergent for non-irritating neutral shower gel, soap, shampoo and dishwashing. Clean (do not use corrosive detergents, including strong acids, strong alkaline solutions, strong disinfectants and detergents). Do not use hot water to clean the real dolls (please adjust the water temperature to below 45 °C) You can gently scrub with your hands during cleaning. Do not wash the doll with force.

    .100cm sex doll

    After cleaning, please use a white towel to wipe dry to avoid staining. After the bath is cleaned and the sex doll is dried, the body of the doll is powdered. Use the special powder that comes with the product or the ordinary talcum powder. The purpose is to absorb oil, increase the smooth feel, and keep the body dry and clean.

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  10. What Will Your Life Change after Accept A Sex Doll?

    Have you dreamed of living with a beautiful girl? Look here, let's introduce Daisy. She is very cute, charming and emotional. Why does not she walk a few steps? Wait, she is not a real human. She is a real sex doll. Exactly, touching her skin, you will experience how real she would be. The built-in metal skeleton is more powerful and offers more opportunities to place more action as you want.

    Accordingly to the real woman's physical size, three sexy hole(mouth, vagina and anal) are created. In order to satisfy the users with the higher requirements, we strictly follow the standard close to real for a better user's experience. When you infiltrate your soul, close your eyes and touch her smooth skin, you will feel that the doll is lifelike.

    sex-doll-usexdoll.comWould you like a perfect and attractive girlfriend? Daisy is waiting for you.

    The TPE sex dolls like Daisy can satisfy all your sexual impulses. Nowadays, people has strong feeling for a better sex life. And the dolls can help satisfy the wild desires, Specifically, the doll has deep holes, plump chest and beautiful appearance that appeal to more and more men. Besides, they won't get sick and reject your invitation when they are in bad mood. Dolls are honest to providing sex and can move easily.

    Buying a real love doll is very practical. On, you can find sex dolls with realistic looks, great prices and realistic sizes.

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