About Us

USEXDOLL is a professional manufacturer of  Silicone sex dolls, TPE sex dolls. Dolls'skin has the pure natural luster and smooth feelings by touch, her inner body support with Metal Skeleton,they stand there just like real charming lady.They are highly praised and well received by customers around the world within past years. For now, USEXDOLL is opening online shop and sell dolls to our consumers directly.
We guarantee:
Items quality: our sex dolls are produced ,sold,shipped as high standard level. USEDOLL own a set of thorough QC inspection system from production line, checking line, even appearance checking before sent.
Customer service: when it happens any problems like ship delay, no tracking etc., our service department will reply your request asap, not later than 24 hours.
Extra Fee: Items sold online shipped FOC, no need to pay extra import duties and Taxes as well.

USEXDOLL would like to thank you for visiting & browsing our dolls. If you have any further question, you are welcome to contact us. Thank you.

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